Test Drive the Nissan Ariya at Home

Test Drive the New Nissan Ariya

For the 2023 model year, Nissan is expanding its line of electric vehicles with the new Ariya SUV. The Ariya will offer up to 300 miles of driving range, have two different battery sizes, plus a host of driver-assistance features, infotainment tech, and convenience items. And if you want to drive this new model when it arrives, consider scheduling an at-home test drive.

How to Set up an At Home Test Drive

We know that people live busy lives, and not everyone has the time to visit our dealership to test drive the vehicles they're looking to buy. That's why when you shop with us, you'll have the opportunity to set up an At-Home test drive. To set one up, follow the instructions listed below.

Step One: Choose a Ride

The first step to setting up an At-Home test drive is simply choosing a vehicle. Just browse the various models we offer and select the Nissan Ariya.

Step Two: Fill Out Our Online Form

For the next step, we require you to fill out our online form. Here, you can select where you'd like to have the Nissan Ariya delivered. It doesn't matter if you want to test this model at home or on break at work - we'll send the ride to you. Though it should be noted that we'll only travel 30-minutes from our dealership.

Step Three: Staying in Touch

When you set up an At Home test drive, we want to know how things went. So, we'll keep in contact with you on the day of your scheduled drive. We'll want to know how the test drive went and if the vehicle was delivered on time.

Set Up a Test Drive Today!

Test drives are the best and fastest way to know if a vehicle is right for you. And our dealership is committed to ensuring test drives with us are simple and convenient. So, when the Nissan Ariya hits our showroom later this year, schedule a test at home and see how great this program is.

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