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At Priority Nissan Tysons in Vienna, VA, we're looking for new cars, trucks and SUVs, regardless of the make or model. Even more important, we're making some of the best cash and trade-in offers in our history. As you've probably heard, there's a worldwide shortage of the electronics that go into new cars, so used cars are in demand. You can get a surprisingly high cash offer for your car from us in just 3 business hours.

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How to get started selling your vehicle to us

Even if you don't want to buy a new or used car from us at Priority Nissan Tysons, we want to buy a car from you and we'll make an exceptional cash or trade-in offer to prove it. You can start the process securely online from your home in Arlington or McLean, VA by getting an Express Priority Offer on your car. Just send us the form and you'll get a generous offer from us in about 3 business hours.

Schedule an inspection, confirm the offer and the money is yours

As soon as you accept the online offer we make on your car, we'll schedule an appointment to confirm your vehicle's condition and take care of the title transfer. You can then bid a fond farewell to your old car and, if you prefer, you can walk out the door with your check and head straight to the bank. Of course, we'd be happy to show you other cars to consider but you're under absolutely no obligation and no pressure.

The advantages of selling to us

When you sell your car, truck or SUV directly to us, it couldn't be much simpler. You contact us online, accept our offer online, bring your car to our dealership and we'll handle the details. Once we confirm your car's value, we do all the paperwork and hand you a check. You can take the money back to Ashburn or Fairfax, VA or check out our our new inventory and consider getting your next car from us. But again, no pressure. Honest.

If you try to sell your car yourself, it gets quite a bit tougher

For years, we've seen wonderful, well-meaning customers try to sell their cars themselves and regret it soon after. First you have to thoroughly clean and detail your vehicle so it looks flawless enough to compete with dealerships like ours. Then you try to take great photos, write an appealing ad and then wait for potential buyers you've never met before and hope they actually show up. All too often, they don't.

Are you sure you can handle all the paperwork and avoid the scams?

When you sell your car yourself, you will suddenly realize you're about to hand a car worth thousands of dollars to a total stranger and hope the check doesn't bounce. Sadly, there are people who are very good at appearing to be nice and then getting you to accept something that isn't real money. Even cashier's checks can be faked. We urge you to sell to a reputable dealer, even if it isn't us, and save yourself a lot of headaches.

Take the safe, simple route: Sell your car to us and sleep well

When you sell directly to our dealership, you don't have to worry about the hassles, expense or risk of selling a car yourself. You can get a deal done with us, start to finish, as quickly as 48 hours. Find out what a generous cash offer we can make for your car, even if you don't buy a thing from us. Let us help you get out of your old car and get started on something new when you contact us soon at Priority Nissan Tysons in Vienna, VA.

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